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User Guide: How to Shoot a Recurve Bow

User Guide: How to Shoot a Recurve Bow

Using a recurve bow is fun only if you use it right. You need to know how to get the best of it whether you are hunting or simply perfecting your targeting skills. Find out the basics you need to know for you to get that perfect shot.

Choose the Right Recurve Bow for You

We are all made of different stature and capabilities. So are bows, made of different features. Therefore, you need to get the bow that is best for you. Bows have different draw weights and draw lengths. Draw weight is the force required to draw the string back before you shoot. The draw weight goes with your strength. You should choose a bow with a draw weight hat is almost three quarters your total strength, or simply put, just choose the one which you can manage to pull the string and shoot comfortably. Low draw weights produce little force therefore these will not be very useful when hunting. You need the high draw weight bows when hunting in order to hit the target and penetrate the skin.

The draw length is dependent on your arms’ length. This is the farthest you can draw your arm backwards before shooting. You should choose a bow that is twice as long as your draw length. You can calculate your draw length by dividing your total arm span (measured in inches) by 2.5. Choose a bow twice this size and you will be very comfortable when taking the shots.

You should also decide whether you want to use a take down-bow. This is good especially if you are a long term archer. The take down bow only needs you to buy new limbs in case you want to upgrade to a new draw strength and length.

Choose the Right Arrow for You

The arrows are like your bullets only that in this case you actually hold them and release unlike for a gun where the pull of a trigger does this for you. You need to choose the right arrows for yourself. The draw length is also important here. The best arrow for you is that which is about 2 inches your draw length.arrow bow

Arrows for hunting need to have a heavy shaft and broad heads in order to get the target and penetrate the skin. However, for training, you can use light arrows with narrower heads.

Correct Shooting Position

Before you shoot, you need to be very stable. Stand with the legs shoulder width apart and make sure the entire body is perpendicular to the target. Only the head should be in the direction of the target because you need to look at it.

Still of capri shooting bow

Prepare to Shoot

Hold the bow with a relaxed grip; do not clinch onto it because this will compromise your aim. As you pull the string back, keep your shoulders down and do not twist your hands as this could make the string hit you when you release the arrow.

Prepare to Shoot

Drawing and Firing

Load your arrow onto the bow. Lift the bow to shoulder height and keep the bow arm straight. This helps you draw it well and prevents the hand from being hit by the string as you release. Pull the bow string back to the point that the hand holding it reaches just below the jaw. You should keep checking to ensure your body is still perpendicular relative to the target. If it is so, you now need to aim. This is done using your dominant eye while you keep the other eye closed. Once you ascertain that you are on target, release the arrow smoothly just by relaxing your fingers. Avoid the yanking movements because they affect the course of travel of the arrow. Stay still until the arrow hits the target. Remember, you may be required to make a second shot therefore you don’t have to move


You might want to make the archery safer by having protective equipment. These are very useful especially for the beginners. A finger tab is one such equipment which cushions the fingers holding the string during drawing to prevent the tension that can cut into it. An armguard is also important for protecting the bow arm from being hit by the released bow string.



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