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A Complete Guide On How to Hunt Squirrels

A Complete Guide On How to Hunt Squirrels

I) Introduction about Squirrels Hunting

Squirrels are easy to find because they inhabit practically every woodlot between the Rockies and the Atlantic.

Why hunt squirrel? The availability is one of the major reasons why squirrels are the most popular small game in the eastern United States. The seasons are long, so you can get out your hunting gear and find a trail at your convenience. They are also easy to the taste buds.


While these small creatures may be widely available, they aren’t that easy to catch. You will need a game plan with the skill and the equipment to catch them. Here is a thorough guide on how to hunt squirrels.

1) The game plan


There is more to a successful hunt than just showing up and looking around. You will need to know the habits of squirrels to know where to look for them.

The best thing to do to formulate an executable game plan is to scour the hunting grounds before the season kicks in and learn everything you can by reading and watching squirrel hunting videos.

A scouting trip will help you track down the general vicinity of these creatures. Take notes so that when you come back for the actual hunt you don’t spend time looking, but can actually focus on the purpose of the trip.

* Where to hunt ?


They are likely to be where their food source which means you should be looking for them around farm crops and places rich in acorns and hickory nuts. Squirrels are often also found around creeks and streams that are bordered with hardwoods.

If you keep your eyes open and don’t make too many sudden movements, you can hunt the squirrel from your position easily and won’t have to try too hard to learn where to hunt squirrel.

* When to hunt ?

As the leaves begin to change, and the temperature drops squirrels are found in abundance and are a great game for any beginner to enjoy. Squirrels are the most active during the daylight hours.

The best times when to hunt squirrels would be morning or afternoon when they are out and about. Once they return to their bests inside trees, it will be difficult to get to them, not to mention ruin the joy of the sport.

Keep your eyes peeled and be ready to pick of any squirrels that are not alerted to your presence. You should walk slowly and carefully, taking two of three steps at a time with the sun at your back.

* How to close in ?

hiding hunter

Squirrels can easily be altered to the presence of predators. Their natural instinct is to freeze and remain still. If you find yourself under and oak tree a good attraction technique to try out would be the restless hand.

Simply put your hand into the litter and stir the leaves in a repeated broken pattern. The sound of your hand moving will mimic the sound of a squirrel feeding which will draw in all the other squirrels are ready and willing bait for you to hunt down with ease.

II) The equipment

Preparation means having everything ready, and that includes all your equipment and all your information. You need to know the season and the when you can go on the hunt. You need to know what to hunt squirrels with such as the hunting gear you are going to need. You need to know the storing and transport gear you are going to need.

And only with a fully prepared and carefully plotted out trip will you manage to make a successful hunt. Choose your hunting equipment wisely. If you are left handed pick, the correct left handed bow for you.

* Knowing the season

The squirrel hunting season is general during the winter months. You should look into the date with your local wildlife department.squirrel

Make sure you know the exact dates and are not planning your trip based on a guess. This will throw off all your plans quite easily. The hunting season is generally closed during the deer gun hunting period.

The first thing you should do when you’re planning a squirrel hunt is check when you can go on the hunt and then start preparing for it with a few squirrel hunting tips.

* Hunting gear

You can use a number of squirrel hunting guns from .22 Caliber Rifles to shotguns, 22shotgun-wos

but the joy of using a bow and arrow to take down your target is unparalleled which is why you should check out a few bows and see if they suit you. Learning to hunt with bows will not only give you more satisfaction as a huntsman but will also be the much more fun to do.

You can get yourself a pretty looking bow and arrow kit for your hunt and watch a few videos see how to hunt squirrels with a bow. Know the dos and donts and you will gather more squirrels than you can handle.

* Other gear

You will need to carry some ammunition with you to keep your gun stocked. Another popular piece of clothing you might want is an orange hunting cap that can help identify you as a hunter.

Some places may even require you to have the hunter orange cap, so check to make sure. Carry some extra clothing, food, map, matches and other necessary items. You can find them from here

III. Squirrel Handling

* How to clean the squirrel

Once you are done hunting your squirrel, you are going to have to give it a field dressing to make sure that it is still edible when you have returned back to camp.squirrel clearn

You need to turn the squirrel on its stomach and cut through the underside of the tail to the base. Once you’ve cut through the tail, you need to slice through the skin a few inches on either side.

Lay the squirrel down and while holding the back legs, step on the tail and skin you took off and pull up the legs you are holding. It should take the body away from the fur. Next, remove the head. Then get rid of the entrails and you’re all set to cook it and eat it up.

* How to cook it

To cook a delicious squirrel you can simply cut up pieces of the meat, coat them in salt, pepper and flour properly and simply fry till they are golden. It is a simple and time test recipe that will definitely do it justice, but you can always find new easy to enjoy your game.


* How to preserve it

To keep the meat fresh and tasty you will need to keep it in a cool place. So carry around an icebox where you can gather you game and once you return to camp or your home, put it in a freezer that is at least 40 F to prevent it from getting spoilt.


Squirrels are a great game to begin learning to hunt with. With this guide on how to hunt squirrels, you are equipped with all the information you need to go out into the hunting grounds and bag your first squirrel.

You can start off a beginner with no archery prowess and become a seasoned hunter that is worthy of carrying a magnificent hunting bow.

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