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[Review] PSE Mustang recurve bow right hand

[Review] PSE Mustang recurve bow right hand

PSE is famous for its top recurve bow such as Archery and Razorback. While Razorback works well for childrens and adults, Archery is perfect for entry level hunters, their sibling – Mustang – is the best tool for experienced hunters.

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PSE Mustang belongs to the Takedown Recurve type. It has a great design with walnut, cherry and maple limbs, which provides an attractive color and the tensile strength needed to handle high tension draws. It may last at least two years without servicing. If it is used in the right way, it can last forever. With 60 inches length, 3 lbs weight, and 45-55 draw weight, it is easy to hold on a hand, even without shooting gloves. As a traditional bow, it can shoot quite fast within short distance from 20-40 yards.

The bow accepts accessories as it has pre-drilled holes for attaching the quiver as well as bow sights. While it is okay to add the bow sights, recurve bows can perform exceptionally well without them. This is because the sights oblige hunters to focus on one spot with no regard to what is happening around them, which is not a good thing in a hunting environment.

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This bow has all the necessary accessories:

1) Leather armguard: with three elastic closures, it helps hunters control the bow easily.

2) Bow stringer: reduces the possibility of limb warpage or bow damage while stringing.

3) The arrow rest: allows off-the-shelf shooting to be easier.

4) String silencers: makes loud noises down.

5) Six saunder steel points: perfectly match to the diameter of the arrows, and help practice at home.

6) Arrow:

  • For shooting on targets or wood, fiber glass arrows is the best choice because they can survive anyway.
  • For hunting, carbon arrows with work best for hunters.

7) Glove:

  • Neet FG-2: high quality suede leather construction combined with a tough elastic back insert makes it become one of the most effective gloves.
  • Neet Pinch-free Tab: the super-soft suede leather gives good durability while preventing the tab from slipping off your fingers between shots.

8) Quiver:

  • Traditional Leather Hip: it will keep your arrows in check and out of the dirt, it also can hold over a dozen arrows without any trouble.
  • Neet Back: the arrows will always be close at hand but keep the hunters safe from a certain distance.

9) Broadhead:

  • Magnus Stinger: performs exactly from the fastest bows on the planet with field-tip accuracy.
  • Muzzy Phantom: is well known for its legendary toughness and penetration.

Negative points

Tall shooters should not buy it. Its brace height and end to end length will make them feel confused and hard to use.

It is not suitable for beginners. First and foremost, is the draw strength. Even with a minimalist draw strength, 40 lbs is quite the task for newbie archers. Furthermore, it requires high speed and accuracy as experienced hunters.

If you are still hesitating about PSE Mustang Recurve Bow Right Hand, let’s take a look at its brother – PSE Blackhawk Recurve Right Hand. It is not only easy to use for all levels of archers, but also vibration-free. In addition, the price is very reasonable. Check it!

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