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How to Make a Quiver for Arrows – Quick Steps

How to Make a Quiver for Arrows – Quick Steps

Arrows are meant to be kept in a container for storage. This container is known as quiver, however.

In today’s guide, I would be putting light on making an arrow quiver following some easy steps. Do you want to make an arrow quiver for show or for individual use?

Have you been juggling since long on how to craft a quiver for arrows? If yes, then this compiled list of steps is for you only. Turn your heads around on how to make a quiver for arrows. At the end of this guide, you will feel yourself acquainted with toting the arrows around in no time. It won’t take more than two hours, take a look:

Materials or Things Needed:

  • Wood
  • An old fabric – shirt, or old blanket or leather
  • Two pieces of string
  • Some cutting tool, knife
  • Thread and needle to sew the quiver
  • Coals

Steps of How to Make a Quiver for Arrows

  • Look around for some old piece of fabric whether a shirt, a blanket or a piece of leather.
  • Now flatten out the fabric. Fold the fabric at the bottom and up the sides in such a way that will leave the top part open.
  • Take a needle and thread, sew both the two sides together. Keep the bottom separate so as to keep the arrows inside the quiver only and not let them fall down.
  • Get a string to use with quiver. Here you may have to take one long piece of string and two shorter strings.
  • Next, you need to put the slit into the quiver so that it doesn’t slide on the shoulder. Consider adding the slit in the middle and the bottom. Through the middle slit, pull the string moving onto the bottom. Here you have to ensure that the two ends must be on different parts of the quiver. You may not understand this here at this step, but you will later on.
  • Now keep it on your shoulders’ back whether right or left. The string must be dangling behind you with each end of the other string in each hand. Make sure that the ends are positioned at your diaphragm.
  • VOILA!! Here you made it… Like you tie your shoes, tie the two ends together. Take the other string and tie the ends around your waist.

quiver make

Hope you understand the steps of how to make a quiver for arrows. If not, read on the steps again and this time you will definitely learn it. Here are some tips while making a quiver:

  • Leather is a durable material so try to use that.
  • Cutting the fabric into heart shape makes the original style quiver.
  • Quiver can also be made from wood. Get some sort of cylindrical shaped wood and add coals to turn the hole to put the arrows.


  • While making the slits in the quiver, you have to be careful about the position of your hands that may get cut.
  • If you are using wood, be careful with putting coals as you have to burn the wood centre to make hole.
  • Pay special attention not to get hit by the falling coals off the wood.
  • While sewing the quiver with needle and thread, be careful. Needle can puncture your fingers so focus on sewing and don’t get distracted otherwise.

I once made a wooden quiver and have been using it since years. Frankly, I don’t have any complaints with the quiver and it is working perfectly fine till date. Get up and make a quiver for arrows today!!

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