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Top Tips on How to Hunt Coyotes at Night

Top Tips on How to Hunt Coyotes at Night


You might have seen your friends boasting about a hunting trip, and it got you excited all of a sudden that you want to try it out too. Taking coyote hunting as an example, it can be fun when you get to know what is involved when it comes to hunting coyotes. Most of the hunting of coyotes often takes place at night as these are nocturnal animals that will tend to do most of their day activities at night. This could be hunting, eating, or breeding. We will get to learn about the whole process on how to hunt coyotes at night with this guide. If you are new to the hunting experience, brace yourself to learn a lot more.

Pre-hunting requirements on how to hunt coyotes at night guide

You cannot just go into hunting without having the basics of how the world of hunting works. Some people think that you simply need to get your rifle and start hunting. Here are some of the things you will need as the requirements for hunting.

Prepared for hunting trip
Prepared for hunting trip
  • Hunting License: Depending on your location, the steps to getting the license will vary based on the laws of the state on hunting. Apply for a hunting license before you can go out to start hunting.

Find you license here ( US only )

  • Where to hunt coyotes: You cannot go just hunting coyotes anywhere you want. There is always a reason why there are special reserved places where you enjoy hunting without restrictions. It is time to search for places that currently allow for coyote hunting in your state. In such places, you will still find restrictions to when you can hunt depending on the seasons. Always choose the place that works for you in terms of time and convenience.

Find place to hunt here :

Packing for your Coyote Hunting Trip

Before you can start your coyote hunting trip, it is important to pack a few essentials that will make your trip great. Water is the first thing you have to carry for your trip. We all know the importance of staying hydrated at all times. Without proper hydration, you are likely to lose focus or give up on the hunting expedition soon or later.How+to+prepare+for+the+hunt

Together with water, do not forget to pack your food too. It might be an overnight hunting experience, so it will reach a point when you need a snack. The snacks in this case can be nuts and seeds that will provide high calories to the body. This will of course keep you full of energy during the hunting expedition.

Gas up for the trip. Make sure that your car or truck has enough fuel to take you to the hunting grounds and back. Most people know how much gallons of fuel they expect to use for a trip, so gas up enough for the trip.

You can never miss your first aid kit when going to hunt. Hopefully nothing bad happens to you, but it is always great when you walk prepared for anything happening.

What is the right gear for hunting coyotes at night?

Still on how to hunt coyotes at night, you will need the right gear for hunting these nocturnal animals. The first would be having a rifle that can be used to shoot it from a distance. The type of rifle you choose should have the best specs that can handle your night hunting activities. It could probably have a night vision scope for better vision at night. If you are new to buying a hunting rifle, consider asking your hunting partner to recommend the best to choose.Hunting-Gear

Since the coyotes are nocturnal, you will need the best camouflage to hide from their eyes at night. It is wise to go for the kill suits that will make you look like the environment common with coyotes around.

On the creative side, you will need to buy the callers for attracting the coyotes towards where you are. You can choose the electronic or mouth callers, whichever seems convenient for you. The electronic are often preferred for being reliable and takes the sound away from you for easier stealth movements.

Scouting for Coyotes

This is when you are on the ground and you need to start hunting. The coyotes will not be sitting around waiting to be killed. You have to look for them as part of hunting. This is now the fun part as you get to explore the wilderness and hunt at the same time. The coyotes tend to adjust to their hunting style based on the availability of food. Depending on the food, they can hunt as a small pack or alone, so look for their food.Scouting Coyote

Another great place to look for the coyotes would be the water holes. Most animals would easily flourish where there is the presence of water. Find some of the large water areas and scout carefully for the signs of coyotes around. You can mark them on your map before you even go into the hunting grounds.

If you are hunting with a partner, you will have to trade war stories later on, as it is time to limit your noise, so that you do not tip off the coyotes. If you have to talk, just whisper more often.

When You Spot a Coyote

This is the moment you have been waiting for probably several hours into the night. Whenever you spot a coyote, it is important to keep your cool and make movement to a minimum. Making sudden movements will easily make the coyote catch your movements and easily escape. If you are within range to take a shot, do not wait any longer as any second the coyote will see you and it will be gone. To make the kill faster and easier, you need to have studied the anatomy of the coyote. This will give you a chance to take it out on the first shot. You need to aim for the vital organs, which are located just above the forelimbs. Take your shot at this position and you got it.anatomy_coyote_side_I

When you shoot a coyote, do not come out jumping with a lot of excitement that you have made a kill. Sometimes there might be more coyotes in the pack still around and too frightened to move. You wait a bit and you will start seeing some distressed coyotes moving around. That is when you can take out more coyotes without having to scout for them any longer.

You now have the perfect guide on how to hunt coyotes at night. Get out there and have some fun hunting.

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