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How to make archery targets: Your complete instructional guide

How to make archery targets: Your complete instructional guide

Archery is a great sport that involves focus, precision and a lot of practice. If you hope to be good at the sport, then you will need to put in a lot of practice hours with a decent bow in hand. But archery isn’t just good for sport. It can actually be quite a lot of fun and a great way to spend your time. If you are looking to hone you archery skills or just practice in your spare time, then you should definitely learn how to make archery targets so that you don’t have to invest in expensive targets every time you feel like going out to shoot. With your own DIY archery target, you can not only practice with ease, but you can also easily replace the targets every time they wear out.

1. Why do you need archery targets

If you are asking yourself why do you even need archery targets then ask yourself this: how much do you invest in commercial archery targets? How many times a week do you practice? How serious are you about your sport? Are you just learning? Are you a professional? Isn’t it easier to just making something from easily accessible materials rather than going out and buying yourself a proper professional archery target?

With an archery target, you can practice the sport at any time you like. Just leave it in your back yard and when the desire to shoot a few arrows strikes, pick up your bow and head to the yard. Having your own target means that you can use it at anytime you like, day or night, but preferable during light hours. You are more likely to practice if you have a target lying around and practice makes perfect, so there really is no reason not to have an archery target if you even have the slightest interest in the sport. If you are just learning, then be sure to pick up some new tricks while you’re at it.

2. The equipment

Depending on the type of bow you use and the type of target that you are thinking about making you will need different equipment. All the supplies that you will need for your DIY archery targets are easily available at local hardware shops and other retailers. You can ask carpet shops for their trash as fillings for your targets, find binding string and wires at the hardware store and anything else that you may require with quite an ease. You probably will not need any tools as such to help you out except you hands so be ready to get your hands dirty and spend your time making your archery targets.

*Materials to use

You can use a range of different materials to help make your archery target. What you need will depend on the type of target that you are looking to make. You may require anything ranging from hale bales to cardboard boxes, to Styrofoam to timber. You can even use materials such as garden bags and stuff them to form targets. This guide will give you a few different ways to make archery targets for practice with quick and easy solutions to durable and long lasting targets that will be around for a while.

3. Different ways to make an archery target

There countless ways to make archery targets. You can be creative or straightforward. You can simply get the job done, or you can go all in and make it look pretty while you are at it. If you have time on your hands, then you can invest it in making a flawless target with effort and care, but if you are looking to get things done quick and easy, we have solutions for you too. No matter what you choose to make, remember that at the end of the day the goal isn’t the target, bu to practice on the target.

One of the easiest ways to make an archery target it to find a large cardboard box, it is easily available at a local store. Make sure to get a thick one so that it can stop arrows. 30 to 46 cm is usually preferable depending on the type of arrows you plan on shooting with. The next step is to stuff your box. Find shrink-wrap of plastic bags in a large quantity and stuff in as much as you possibly can. Close the box and seal it with duct tape or packing tape. You just put together an easy target with as little time and effort as possible. Even better? You barely had to invest anything into it at all, so it won’t hurt to replace it when it inevitably wears down because of all the arrows being jabbed into it. Last, but not the least, string up your bow and shoot an arrow into it as a test shot. If it goes through then you need a large, better-stuffed box, if not, you’re all set.

You can make more durable targets using timber frames for the border, chicken wire for the front and back opening and proper stuffing in between to hold the arrows. This will probably last you a much longer time than the box, but will also take more time to make. The end result may, however, be well worth the time and effort that you invest into your wooden target.

The type of target that you choose to make depends solely on how serious you are about shooting. So take a minute and decide what type works best for you.

4. Dos and Don’ts when making archery targets

Archery targets are fairly simple to make. They don’t require complex plans or messy materials to work with. If you stick to the plans, you can make cheap and easy targets in no time at all.

If you are going to be making your target, the first thing you will need to do is to decide how often you are going to be shooting. If you are planning on shooting a few times a week, then a flimsy target such as the box won’t be the best option for you. Think things through.

It is a smart idea to use recyclable materials when making your target. Not only will these come at a lower price for you but will also be good for the environment as you will be reusing waste materials.

At the end of the day make sure that you have fun building you target and always keep in mind the end game. You don’t want to spend a week building a target that you get to shoot at only once.

5. Conclusion

Archery is a sport that requires focus and discipline. If you want to be good at it, you are going to have to give it your attention. Honing skill requires patience and more than anything else practice and time. With a good bow and arrow and your very own archery target, you can simply head out into the backyard and shoot a few arrows a day to keep your game in check. And with this guide on how to make archery targets you are all set to put together your targets and start shooting as soon as possible.


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