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How to hunt rabbits

How to hunt rabbits

Hunting rabbits make for great sport. It may not be as grand as hunting larger game, but it has a certain charm of its own. If you pick the right place as your hunting grounds, you will end the day with at least a few rabbits on your hands. Unlike the larger game, rabbits are a fantastic sport for hunters of all skill levels. The simple answer to why hunt rabbits is that whether you are a beginner, a novice or an expert huntsman, rabbit hunting is something you will enjoy.

This handy guide on how to hunt rabbits will give you all the information you could possibly need to embark on your quest to gather enough of these creatures for a tasty meal.

1. The game plan

Before you actually go ahead and pack your gear to head out to hunt you will need to come up with a game plan. You can’t just head over to a field and expect to chance upon a few rabbits. You need to know where to be looking and what time is best to be hunting rabbits. If you are a beginner then watching, a few rabbit hunting videos may be a good idea to get a few tips. Rabbit hunting may not be a complicated sport, but being prepared is the sign of a good huntsman.

* Where to hunt

There are some places that are naturally better than other places to hunt down rabbits. If you know the kinds of foods that rabbits eat then you will have a better idea of where to be looking. Rabbits are known to enjoy grasses, clovers, soybeans, wheat, garden crops, alfalfa and other similar things. Look for them in small fields that are bordered by woods where some vegetation has grown up. Always make sure that when you find where to hunt rabbits you are actually allowed to hunt there.

* When to hunt

Rabbits are usually very active during the early hours of the morning and at the end day just as the sun is about to set. They prefer feeding in minimal sunlight which means during these times they will be the most active and therefore the most visible for you to hunt. The soft lighting conditions may make visibility slightly difficult, but learning to adjust to the environment while engaging in the hunt is half the fun.

* How to close in

Unlike with game such as deer you can actually draw out rabbits with sound. Try to walk around slowly and the rabbits will hear the sound. This will scare them up and cause them to move. You should watch very close for signs of any movement. Pause and wait to see if you have flushed anything out.

Another way of closing in on rabbits is to look for their tracks. If you follow these prints in the wet conditions or mud, you can easily track them to their hiding spot.

2. The equipment

In order to be completely prepared to embark on your hunt you need to have taken everything into account, and this means having your equipment in order. Know what you are hunting for. If you are a beginner and want to try out archery, then you can use an economical bow and pick up a few basic concepts on how to hunt rabbits with a bow before you string up the arrow.

* Knowing the season

Rabbit hunting is often more successful in a particular season. It usually starts out with late fall and continues all the way through winter. In certain places such as California, though, the season lasts all year round so you don’t have to worry about when to hunt rabbits. Just find a good spot and make sure it is legal to hunt there. Follow these handy rabbit hunting tips and you’re all set

* Hunting gear

You can be using a smart and reliable bow or a hunting rifle on your hunt. There are many options for what to hunt rabbits with. If you are using a rifle, a .22 hunting rifle is often effective for hunting rabbits, but can be difficult for beginners to use. A smaller gauge shotgun is a handy tool for the job considering how fast rabbits are. If you choose to use a bow you can easily find a variety of excellent bows to help you out on the hunt.

* Other gear

Anytime you are out hunting you need to make sure that you are not just prepared with proper hunting equipment, but also safety equipment. Wear bright orange clothing to make yourself stand out to fellow hunters. Put on ear plugs and safety goggles if you are shooting. If you are in a rough environment, cover up well. Carry water and emergency supplies with you at all times.

3. Rabbit handling

* How to clean the rabbit

In the cold weather, rabbits will be fine for several hours, but it is best to dress it as early as possible. To dress the rabbit, you will need a well sharpened hunting knife. You can start by making cuts near the ankle bones and then remove the feet. Following that, make a slit in the back; grip on the fur and pull it in the opposite direction. Remove the head with the knife or by using your hands. Using the knife, make an incision in the groin and the ribcage. By using your finger hook the entrails out and down. Wash it thoroughly and your meat is all ready to be eaten.

* How to cook it

There are several different ways for you to eat your freshly hunted rabbit. One delicious recipe is a fried rabbit. All you need to do is add the rabbit, hot pepper and a few garlic cloves to a pot and let it boil until the rabbit it tender. Drain it once cooked. Mix beaten eggs with milk in shallow bows and dip the rabbit pieces into the mixture, cover them in plain flour, season it with some salt and pepper; fry it till it is golden brown in a skillet. There is your delicious rabbit freshly hunted and cooked to perfection.

* How to preserve it

To keep the rabbit fresh and healthy you will need to store it in a cold place. Since you will most likely be hunting in winter, you can carry it in your pack and then store it in a fridge when you are home or return to camp. To make sure it isn’t spoilt you should refrigerate it to 50 F as soon as you can. The meat is good for about a week, so try and eat it before then.

4. Conclusion

With this complete guide on how to hunt rabbits, you are now armed with all the information that you will require on your trip. Remember to stay safe and always make sure your equipment is in good shape.


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