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How to Build archery targets: what to use and how to go about it

How to Build archery targets: what to use and how to go about it

A good archery target is important for anyone who is learning archery or simply wants to practice the sport in their spare time at home. There are certain traits of a good archery target, and if you build a strong and durable target, it should easily last you many years. It needs to be large enough to cover a few flyers and strong enough so the arrows don’t penetrate it. Here you can learn everything about how to build archery targets from scratch so that you can practice whenever you feel and hone your skill to become an expert archer or simply have some fun shooting arrows in your spare time.

I. Why do you need archery targets?

If you are an archer, then you may have often felt the need to practice your sport. If you are thinking about learning archery, you still need a place to shoot your arrows and learn how to be better. By learning how to build a good archery target, you will have acquired the knowledge that helps you put together you target anywhere you are whenever you feel like shooting a few arrows. You can stay in at home and practice in your backyard without the fuss of going to find a place to shoot. Archery targets are necessary for you to learn and be better, without a target you can’t practice shooting and without practice, you will not become a better archer.

II. The equipment

Archery targets can range from the most simple and easy ones to proper ones for expert shooters. And the best thing is you can make them all on your own with only a few supplies. The equipment you will need ranges from target to target. If you are making something simple for kids to shoot as you can simply get two hay bales, stack then together and cover them with a cloth, but if you are constructing something tougher for proper practice you will need more materials and more time to put it together.
*Materials to use
There is a range of materials that you can use to put together an archery target for yourself. The materials will also depend on the type of bow you are using. It will vary whether you are using a kid-friendly bow or a more powerful bow. You might need items such as a box and stuffing if you are going to easy route and if you are planning on making something durable you will need wood, chicken wire and stuffing. You can even use materials such as layered foam and garden bags, but the best result will only come with a little more work and some effort into the craft. We will walk you through all of it so you won’t have any trouble with it at all.

III. Different ways to make an archery target

The type of target you end up with depends on the material you use to make it with.
If you are using garden bags, then you should get one that unfolds into a large rectangle or a cube. You will need to fill this up to make your target. Try going to a carpet retailer and asking for their underlay trimmings. They should be more than happy to help you out with their trash. Fill up and stomp on it well enough for it to become flat and them you can close it up with some bale hooks or use a fencing wire.
If you have access to Styrofoam or some other foam type material such as the one used in yoga mats you can make a pretty decent target for yourself. Cut it up into even strips, about 100 cm long and 20 cm wide. Go to a hardware store and find a threaded rod and timber the length and width of your foam. The wood will be your top and bottom clamps. The threaded rods will be sued to tie up your wood and foam together. The threaded rod will be the one that determines the height of your target. It is quite easy to assemble with materials that you can find anywhere without much trouble, and you will surely have fun while making it.
Another method to make an archery target is to use a rolled up carpet stripe. This method may not be pretty to look at, but it is fairly easy to do and quick if you have a carpet strip lying around the house. Take your carpet strip and roll it up onto a round target. You can use about 6 inch wide strips. Try and keep the surface flat and get a really tight roll for an effective target to practice on. The result will be heavy and small and not always the best to shoot at, but it is an easy fix, and if you are just shooting for fun then it is something you can easily put together. On the upside, this target is likely to last you forever.

IV. Dos and Don’ts when making archery targets

Archery targets are fairly easy to make if you follow the simple steps. If you shoot on and off you can invest in an easy to make, easy to discard archery target and just put one together again the next time you feel the urge to shoot a few arrows.
When making an archery target, you don’t want to spend too much time on making just one because you probably will not be using for the amount of time you are investing into making it. If you shoot arrows into things, they eventually break down. So remember to keep things simple and don’t go overboard painting it to look like a professional target.
It is always a good idea to use recyclable materials while building your archery target. It will be cheaper for you and better for the environment. Try not to invest too much money into the target because if you are buying something the too pricey chances are that you can easily find it for much less at another place. Stick to your local stores and if you are nice to the store owners you should find everything that you need without any trouble.
The most important don’t when making your archery target is not to get too stressed while making it. If you are overstressing, chances are you are making things more complicated than they need to be. Follow the steps, stick to the methods and you should have no trouble and might even end up enjoying the process. Once you have your target, you can look at a few tips and tricks for better shooting.

V. Conclusion

Building your very own archery target isn’t just about gathering the materials and putting it together. You can actually have a lot of fun with it, and if you are making it teach someone else to shoot then, you can sit them down and make the targets practice on together. Once you have learnt how to build archery targets, you will never have to go out and spend good money on one. As you have learnt, do it yourself targets are easy to do and can be made with recyclables. You’ll be doing the environment a favour as you set up to hone your archery skills.

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