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The Mystery Of Shooting With Both Eyes Open Unravelled

The Mystery Of Shooting With Both Eyes Open Unravelled

Are you an ardent lover of bows and arrows? And yet you just fail to understand when you will be able to master the perfect strike. Well, the issue might lie in how you are looking at the target. Though looking at the target with just one eye might prove beneficial, there are various other reasons why shooting with both eyes open will seem a better idea.

Shooting with both eyes open is a technique most archers fail to achieve. They either do not happen to do it right or simply fail to learn it. However, once you master this rare art, you can increase your chances at hitting your target in one go.

When it comes to shooting with both eyes open, the first step is to find out which eye is your dominant eye. For that, just lock your hands as given in the picture and look at your target. The latter should be 15 feet away from you.

shoot with both eyes open

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Look through the tiny triangle that forms between your hands. In this manner, the grey matter that is behind your dominant eye will choose which eye should focus on the object. Now, since your eyes are 3 inches apart, it is impossible for both of your eyes to be in line of sight with the target. This is why, your dominant eye takes over and you automatically shift your hand right or left depending on which your dominant eye is. So this is how you can find your dominant eye.

If you have eye problems, it is recommended that you get your eyes checked for any sort of problems. In fact, most archers of ages 20-30 get Lasik performed.

Why shoot with both eyes open?

This is the question that will strike any curious mind after reading that people are ready to spend so much just so that they can shoot with both their eyes open. Well, when you close your eyes, you lose the ability by which you can perceive the depth, and distance of your target. Opening both eyes creates a 3-D effect for you and you can take better aims and hit better shots.

Where to start?

Now that you know which your dominant eye is, it is time to start actually hitting the targets. And as they say, start small. Begin shooting your bow and arrow from a distance as small as one or two feet. Make an aim and shoot. Open your dominant eye, get a good aim and do the mental calculation. Next, try to open the other eye also. In case you cannot do that, just squint a little. Start shooting. As you start getting the hang of it, increase the distance and repeat.

With a huge amount of practice. you will be able to shoot with both eyes open.

A different perspective

Our human body is a marvel. There are so many things that we just know. No one has to teach them to us. One of such things is the natural posing abilities for our body. For example, we already know how to hit a flying target. We do not even have to think about it. Our stance and sight become aligned with the target on their own.

So how is it linked to shooting with both eyes open?

Well, generally speaking, there is not much relation between the two. If you are of the type who will shoot with one eye closed, and yet use the other eye for sighting, you can do it. There is no such restriction. However, if you want to follow the great archers who are serious about their works, know that they shoot with both eyes open.

The best thing about shooting with both eyes open is that you get a brighter, better and more natural field of view. The dominant eye does its job of focusing crisply on the target. It also does the actual sighting albeit through the restricted area. On the other hand, the non-dominant eye just fills the gaps in.

One more advantage of shooting with both eyes open is that you do not have to stress on making your natural abilities work. You just condition it in the favourable way and things will find a way out themselves.

An important rule to remember

If you are shooting with both eyes open, you need to choose a bow that matches your eye dominance instead of the traditional rule of hand dominance. This is because, your dominant eye will be the one commanding your entire body, including your hands.


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Thus, if you are using a bow that matches your eye dominance, the visual sight must be like the path of the arrow. This is given in the above figure.

Errors if you use the wrong eye

Well, if you are stubborn and want to use the non-dominant eye in place of the dominant one, here is a bad news for you. The dominant eye, out of habit, will take over the recessive one. Thus, the eye with which you will be aiming will be shifted by 3 inches. To overcome this, an archer may try to adjust the position of the bow. But even that poses serious errors in calculations. This is why you should always use your dominant eye.

Quick tips

  • If you are a beginner, get a bow that matches your eye dominance. Thus, you will be able to shoot with both eyes open in the first few days of your training. Learning a new thing when you don’t know anything is better rather than moving from one habit to another.
  • However, if you are an experienced archer, you will find it a little awkward and frustrating. However, just stick to your technique. Now, this can be right or wrong. It depends on your preference.

Conclusion- Practice makes a man perfect

Truly said, the more you practise, the better results you will get. Shooting with both eyes open just gets better and better. With time, you can be the best archer- one that you could never imagine.

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