Guide for choosing the best recurve bow for hunting


Over the years, the list of the great recurve bows in the market has grown steadily and now, it can be a problem to tell the difference between the best performing of them all. Sure, if you are buying from any of the top recurve bow brands that have curved a niche for themselves in the market over the years, you are most likely going to be content with the buy that you make. The many recurve reviews on the internet that are agreeably unhelpful, providing no in depth explanations of the strengths and weaknesses of the bows that you are about to choose from make the choosing process harder. However, after a great deal of work and time, we have managed to whip up an ultimate guide that will provide you with all the information that you will need to have to purchase the best recurve bow for hunting. Before we get to review some of the top recurve bows in the market, below are some of the things that you should consider as you are making the all-important choice – understand the purchase that you are making.

Is the recurve bow quiet?

If you have been hunting for a while, you will testify to how much work it is, tracking down the animal, waiting for the right moment and preparing to take the perfect killer shot. It can be extremely frustrating that after all that work, your prey runs away, not because of the emergence of another danger, but from the noise that your recurve bow will make as you draw your string to take the killer shot.

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While you are making a choice for the best recurve bow for hunting, go with the bow that has been specifically designed to reduce this kind of noise. Such bows will feature limbs that are made from a particular material that is considered to be ‘quiet’, one that will be well tuned and will include dampeners and any other technology that will reduce the noise level of the recurve bow.

Animals however, aside from having very great hearing also have very good senses of smell. So even though you might get a quiet ‘machine’ to use, your scent may be your undoing given the close proximity that is required as you are doing the shooting. For this, scent eliminators in the form of sprays may do the trick for you.

The draw weight needs to be perfect

This is a factor that may vary greatly, but nonetheless should be put into consideration.

It is recommended that when you are choosing your recurve bow that you pick one that has a drawing strength of not less than 40 pounds. Why is this you might be wondering? Well, when you are hunting, you will need your arrow to have enough force to penetrate and pierce through the body of your prey regardless of its skin thickness. If your recurve bow features a drawing weight less than 40 pounds, and worse still you choose to shoot from 15 yards or even further, there are high chances that your shot will only injure the prey and do nothing to incapacitate it. It will still have the strength to run off, though it might suffer, but you will also lose your arrow in the process. But while the drawing weighs is essential, it is not the only factor to be considered. You also need to know just how much drawing weight that you can support yourself.

As you hunt, you will be required to draw your bow. After drawing your bow, you will be required to hold the position for several minutes or longer before you fire, waiting for the perfect moment (hunting is intense and requires concentration and patience). As such, if the recurve bow drawing weight is too much of you to handle, then your arm will start shaking ruining your form and shot.

If you are new to the whole hunting with a recurve bow thing, you should stick to drawing weights of about 45 pounds on the higher end. Many males who hunt are able to handle this drawing weight comfortably and with time even grow stronger to handle more weight, increasing the efficiency of your shot.

The weight of the bow

It is very easy to get too caught up and focused on the drawing weight that you forget the actual weight of the bow. Do not be one of the many who make this mistake – the weight of the recurve bow is important as well. When you picture yourself hunting, or judging by what you might have seen in movies or documentaries that you might have seen, you will be standing for a considerable amount of time. In addition to this, you will have to do a lot of tracking before you actually get to the juicy shooting part.

With this in mind, you will need to have a recurve bow of just the right weight; something that you are comfortable carrying around and that does not weigh you down. A bow weighing anywhere between 2 and 4 pounds should be okay, but this depends on your muscle strength. Generally, the lighter your bow, the longer you will be able to carry it around.

Weight standard table

Bow length

The golden rule here is quite simple: the longer the bow the further and more accurate it will shoot. If you are planning to be doing the hunting from a long distance, for reasons best known to you, then it is recommended that you go for recurve bows that are long. Anything above 60 inches is considered to be long enough.

Be sure however not to overdo the length lest it works against you. A 58” recurve for many average height individuals is more than enough. Do not get one that will touch the ground when you hold it out in front of you.

The ease of transport

This may not cut across as an issue at the moment, especially if you have never gone hunting before with a recurve bow. But truth be told, it would be much of a hassle transporting a 60 inch bow safely. You would not want to have the limbs of the bow bent or worse still, broken. If you have a large vehicle to transport the bow as you make your way to the hunting site without damage, then you should be good to go, otherwise, you should consider something shorter and much safer to transport.

Takedown recurve bows for hunting would prove to be a great choice for you. Now, now, if you are wondering what a takedown recurve bow is, it is a bow that you can detach fast the limbs from the risers by just unscrewing a few screws here and there. This will make the storing and transportation of the bow far easier.

So if you are not quite sure of the safety of transport that you have, then it would be wise to go with a takedown bow.

Know your prey

As you go on your hunting sprees, do you plan on taking down Elks, Bears, Deer, Turkeys or rabbits? The animal you target will greatly affect the best recurve bow for you.

For example, a recurve bow with a 40 pound draw weight should be more than sufficient to drop a turkey, rabbit or even a deer at a shooting distance of 30 yards, of course assuming that your shooting is accurate and precise. The same bow, however may not do you any good if you plan on hunting bigger game such as elks and black bears at even greater distances.

With this in mind, and if you do not want to be faced with any constraints, choose a bow with a 50 pounds draw weight, for smaller game, a 40 pounds recurve bow would suffice. If you however are not so sure of yourself and the kind of game that you would enjoy taking down, strike a compromise and get a 45 pound recurve bow.

This should not worry you as much though.

Other factors

In addition to the above factors, you should also put into consideration the price of the bow as well as read several reviews available on the internet before you make your final decision.

With that, below are some of the reviews of the top 5 recurve bows for hunting.

1. The Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow

Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow

If you are interested in shooting and hunting, get quality equipment and not have to break your bank in the process, then this is the bow for you. It is amazing how its features are efficient for both beginners who are just looking to practice and even experienced hunters out in the field.

The bow normally comes in three parts, the two major limbs and the grip right in the middle. It is very easy to break down (it being a takedown bow). Heck even a five year old can take it apart and put it back together. Its raiser is made from aluminum which makes it pretty solid while its limbs are made of glass making it of very high quality.

2. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

This is yet another excellent bow. It can be used for various purposes aside from hunting such as casual target and 3d. It is considered to be among the fastest traditional bows available that compete with some of the high end and utterly expensive bows in the market.

It is highly portable and can be broken into three pieces that require very little effort to disassemble and assemble even for beginners in the game.

It weighs only 3 pounds, has the standard ports to provide balance, a minimum hand shock and features a very smooth draw.

3. PSE Razorback Recurve Bow Review

This is a bow that is strongly recommended for use by both students and those experienced in the hunting game. It is a recurve bow that will provide you with the comfort and confidence you are looking for while hunting. Its limbs are interchangeable, which makes it very easy even for those who are left handed to use it. The limbs can also be switched up and lighter limbs used when the need arises.

It features a high quality riser (many bows should have this as their default) and has a very fine string which makes it smooth to draw.

4. Bear Grizzly

Being one of the best manufacturers of the recurve bows in the industry, the Bear Archery simply cannot disappoint you. sure, it might not be a bow for everyone, given its high price, but there surely are reasons as to why it costs so damn much.

It is best for hunting as well as target practice and for all levels of archers and hunters. It is resistant to all weather types, is durable and has great speed and accuracy. At 58”, the grizzly can be handled with great ease. And even though it is not a takedown, it still can be transported fairly easily in a truck.

Its string, limbs and riser are one of the perfect combinations yet, providing you with power, accuracy and precision.

4. Hoyt Gamemaster Recurve Bow II 62″


This is one of the very few recurve bows that feature a tech bar. The TEC-bar is a part of the recurve bow that some of the modern recurve bow feature which aim to stiffen the riser and make your shot the more stable. It is super slim, features a durable riser and is light weight. The fact that it is light weight makes it portable, not to mention that it has a takedown construction. With the right tuning, you will not feel any vibration working with the recurve bow. Last but not least, it is very fast. From a good 35 yards, you can comfortable drop an Elk with the 45 pound version.



Sure enough, there are many supposed best recurve bows for hunting. But the question is, is the bow the best for you? With all the above factors, you should be able to arrive at a decision that is not only best, but one that will suit your hunting needs perfectly.