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Top 5 Best Custom Recurve Bow Services

Top 5 Best Custom Recurve Bow Services

Want to get a custom recurve bow? There are manufacturers that stand out in the market and you don’t want to miss their products in your store. If you are a novice in the field of recurves, it can be difficult deciding on the brand to buy. The established hunter or target taker may have had experiences with different brands and perhaps the brands below are among the top in the list. These are the top 5 stores you should visit when looking for the best custom recurve bow.

Hoyt – Home page

Hoyt Manufacturers are well known for their emphasis on style and class of products. Recurve bows are not an exception in this philosophy. They make elegant recurve bows that you will love. For those who like to take targets with arrows in games, you might want to buy the Hoyt recurve bows because they do not disappoint. They also make recurve bows for traditional hunting and one of their popular brands for this is the Gamemaster II. The Hoyt Tiburon is also worth mentioning because of its good design and the accuracy of shooting. It has suitable draw lengths for many people. The company is located in Salt Lake, Utah.

Bear Archery – Home page


If you are looking for a recurve bow, this is the right place for you. Baer Archery is a manufacturer of hunting equipment and they have been making recurve bows for more than half a decade. They initially manufactured handmade bows but switched to large scale production when they wanted to be among the big players in the market. They make recurve bows using modern technology like wood and fiber glass blends on the limbs. They are currently located in Florida after an initial shift from Michigan. Among the recurve bows that they have made include the brands: Bullseye X Recurve and the Sanoma Recurve.

Great Plains Traditional Bow Company – Home page


These are manufactures that have made traditional bows for decades now. Their bows are handcrafted and come in a variety of designs; you will never miss one which you like. They manufacture good custom bows that are endowed with top style and function to the best. The SR Swift One Piece Recurve is bow made by Great Plains and it features a 58 inch length and a short riser with contoured grip to give you the best targeting experience. Another bow in their name is the B-Model takedown; a top seller with a versatile riser that can hold many lengths of limbs. This company is located in Texas and they even sale their Bows internationally.

PSE Archery – Home page


PSE Archery is a manufacturer of bows and arrows plus other hunting and leisure equipment. The company has been existence for more than 3 decades and they offer recurves both for target practice and hunting. The Night Hawk recurve is one of their famous bows measuring 62 inches long and has a 28 inch draw length. It has laminated limbs made of glass and maple wood. The riser is a well-designed part made from exotic Walnut wood.

Black Widow Custom Bows – Home page

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Here is a bow manufacturer that gives you top quality. They make one-piece recurves as well as take down recurves. Located in Kansas, USA, Black Widow Custom Bows make products that you will love if shooting with a recurve arrow is what you desire. The KB II Graybark One-Piece Bow is one of their recurves which you can buy according to your preferences of size and wood type. They use a variety of wood to make their bows. You can have the rarest exotic wood in your hands if you buy a Black Widow Bow. Your Adventure begins here, so they say.

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