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How To Aim A Bow And Hit The Target Every Single Time

How To Aim A Bow And Hit The Target Every Single Time

For an archer, hitting the target every time is nothing less than a dream come true. They work day and night for it, but if they don’t know how to aim a bow correctly, all their efforts will go in vain. There are a few golden tips and tricks which will ensure that you hit the bull’s eye every time you let out an arrow.

Let us start from the beginning, because if your instrument is faulty, there is no trick in the world that can help you be the master of this game.

Choosing the right bow

Recurve bows are usually used for hunting. So pick one that goes with your purpose and needs. Choose according to your draw weight. The perfect match is when you use 75% of your maximum strength. The bow length should be two times your draw length. However, despite all these, do try many bows before making the final purchase.

Choose the arrows

Since you know your draw length now, get an arrow that is 1-2 inches longer that it. The material that you choose must be something that is lightweight.

Gathering other equipment

The other essentials for shooting arrows include a target, arm guard, and finger tab. Optionally, you can get some additional parts that usually come for beginners, like sights and clicker.BareBow_Technique


Actually taking the aim and shooting it

Now let us move on to the actual game. We have collected everything that we need. So let us see how to aim a recurve bow and ensure that it is a success.

  • Position

Stand straight. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and your entire body should be aligned perpendicular to the target. Put an arrow on the rest, nock it and then lift the bow.

  • Hold the bow

If you are a right handed person, take the bow in the left hand. Since the recurve bows usually come with handles, you will know where to hold. The thumb and the index finger should bend a little bit inward. All the other fingers should stay relaxed. Keep your wrist also relaxed. Do not tighten it. Take a deep breath and just relax.

  • Prepare for taking the shot

Having done the previous steps, lift the bow. It should be almost your shoulder height. Maintain your arm straight and lock it at the elbow. Do not clinch the bow tight with you grip. Instead, the bow should rest against your palm. Also, it should be pushed inside your palm when you pull the string. Additionally, keep your shoulders down. Do not rotate the elbow in such a way that the string hits it when you release the arrow. Also, only and only our head should be towards the target. Every other part must be perpendicular to your target. Having ensured all of these, pull the string half way through.Prepare for taking the shot

  • Drawing the bow

With full focus and concentration, pull the string all way that you can. It should reach the corner of your mouth. This will be possible only if your string hand is below your jawline. When you are pulling, do not tighten your muscles. Never use the biceps, triceps and so on. Rather, use the muscles on your back to do this job. They are stronger than your arm muscles. Also, it will cause lesser exertion in the long run.

  • Aim and shoot

Look at the target with your dominant eye. Keep the other eye closed. Aim at the target. Keep the arrow in line with the point where you want to hit. Once you are sure you have the perfect orientation and angle, relax your finger. Do not jerk the string or the arrow. Release it as smoothly as you can.

If you jerk it or apply pressure when releasing the arrow, it will not go straight and all your efforts will be ruined.

  • Wait

After having released the arrow, stand in the same position till the arrow hits the target. This is done so that your body does not experience any sort of jerkiness or pressure as soon as you release all the tension that built up in the string. Relax your fingers and keep the body in the same position. When it hits the target, you can attain the normal stance.


So this was all about how to aim a recurve bow. We hope you learnt something substantial from the tutorial given. As you know, most trainers teach you what and how to do something. However, the best teachers only will tell you what not to do. This is what we have tried to incorporate in this tutorial. Do let us know via your comments what you think of it, or if you need any further addition or clarification. Share this article if you think your friends too deserve to know your secret trick. Till then, keep aiming and shooting!

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