I am John Alves and I heartily welcome my readers to this useful and organized field of knowledge of recurve bow. Now you may think that why does anyone have to choose such a topic to start a blog with. The only answer is passion. I have been enriching my first hand hunting experience since ages and for me one of the most important and interesting topic is recurve bow. The main concern of any hunter is choosing the perfect weapon but before that I would like the beginners to have some basic knowledge on recurve bow.

It is very important to choose something that will complement your style and not only that, the muscles of your body as they will be stressed soon while using one. Here I will talk about everything about archery or recurve bow that will help you in your business.

As we know, hunting is not the only field where we use archery bow, we can see their usage in target practicing and alike activities. Recurve bows are considered to be ideal for hunting but you can’t use any kind especially, when you are left handed. You have a lot of unique feature and an usual bow is not your option. Here I have discussed about that in detail.

Normally we know that while hunting the arrow penetrates skin, fat and bones to kill the game so the draw weight has to be greater (40ld around).

While choosing the recurve bow we need to keep some points on mind that will help us in long run. The most important thing is who you are buying it for as the beginner, professionals or simple hunters will need different features.

This all will be discussed here and you can easily find the best archery bow for successful hunting.

John Alves

( Topbow.net administrator )

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  1. Jeffrey Bauer


    Glad I found you and this blog. It’s very well done!

    I am interested in getting a recurve. I am 6’5″ with an arm span of about the same. What do you recommend for a beginner. I would like something I can grow into. I don’t want to replace a bow in a year or so. Something maybe 1 or 2 steps above.

    Thanks for your input?



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