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Archery has a history fill with many ups and downs in regards to its popularity. We have seen archery go from the primary use of combat and hunting, to be considered a sporting event, to as it stands now a mixture of minor combat, hunting, sportsmanship, recreational pastime, to that of a hobby status.
Since the 1920’s professional engineers have taken an interest in archery. Their interest leads to the development of the commercial formation of news bows. Those new bows include the modern compound bows as well as the Recurve Bows.
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Forms of archery

Those who practice the skills of archery today do so in a vast variety of forms that include the following examples.

  • Survival
  • Fun
  • Hunting
  • Adventure
  • Target practice
  • Recreational pastimes
  • Sportsmanship
  • Competitions
  • Hobbies
  • Exercise
  • Tournaments
  • Hand eye coordination

The most prominent devices and accessories, besides the arrows, most frequently utilized in archery in all of the above examples is the Recurve Bow.

Primary orientation-recurve

Here at, we have placed our primary orientation on the Recurve Bow. Other areas of archery are just as important as the Recurve Bow but due to the vastness of items involved in the area of archery we feel that by specializing in one area of expertise is the most helpful means of assisting the current marketplace.

We are just as knowledgeable in many other areas and can assist you in them as well as the area of the Recurve so please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you might have at any time.

Who can participate in archery ?

Everyone has the ability to demonstrate and perform all aspects of archery. The key to remember is that archery is able to take place in many alternate forms (listed above).

The following listing is a specific list of those that archery is recommended to benefit; although it is a regularly added to listing, one might do well to simply call it incomplete.

  • Men
  • Women
  • Youths
  • Mentally challenged
  • Millenniums
  • Baby Boomers
  • Children
  • Middle aged
  • Happily Aging
  • Elderly
  • Teens
  • Handicapped
  • Disabled

For many on the listing one form might maintain a higher ranking or rating than many of the other forms. Alternately, it might be a great idea to match the people in any form that one is attempting.

For example, youths would perform better with other youths than with a mixed grouping as they can concentrate easier on the targets rather than worrying about skill levels of those around them.

Archery for youths and females

In recent years, there has been a large jump in regards to youth and females taking up archery. The movie The Hunger Games saw a huge jump in the archery fields as did the Disney movie Brave.

Disney launched, in my opinion, one of their coolest theme based advertising campaigns in the last year called “Dream Big: Be a Champion.” This is by far one of the best campaigns that I have heard run in recent times, as it encourages youth and females that they can be and do whatever they set their minds to.

Top 10 best Recurve Bows on the market

The following are reviews on the ten best Recurve Bows on the market today in the opinion of the writer and may or may not be the top bows to the staff here at the writer has tested, tried, and handled many types and varieties of Recurve Bows when formulating this listing.

Name DrawLengthTakedown 
Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow35 lbs60 InchYesCheck on amazon
PSE Mustang Recurve Bow Right Hand28 lbs60 InchyesCheck on amazon
PSE Blackhawk recurve Bow28 lbs60 InchnoCheck on amazon
Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow29 lbs62 InchyesCheck on amazon
Buffalo Hunting Bow and Arrow Handmade30-65 lbs29.5 inch-31.5 inchnoCheck on amazon
Spirit 62'' Take Down Recurve Bow 22, 26, 30, 34 Lbs 62 inchyesCheck on amazon
Mongolian Handmade Horsebow Youth/Kit Takedown Recurve Bow12Lbs to 24lbs28inchyesCheck on amazon
Martin Archery Panther Take Down Bow2.7 LBS62 inchyesCheck on amazon
PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit, Camo80 lbs31 inchnoCheck on amazon


Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow

Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow

The Martin Jaguar is currently the most sought after bow especially by archers working on a budget. The take-down bow is an example of a traditional bow ideal for both hunting and target practice. It has a 60 inch bow length and weighs only 3 pounds. This takedown bow has a draw weight of 30-60lbs What’s more the bow is designed to allow an exceptionally firm grip for hunters. It is a simple take-down bow that does not have unnecessary parts thus barely breaking or needing servicing.

Features of the Martin Jaguar Takedown

  • The aluminum riser allows it to be pretty light and long-lasting.
  • It has three-piece design thus can easily be broken for storage or transportation. Moreover it allows beginners to learn the basics of bow construction while making owning the bow less of a task.
  • It is durable as it has an aluminum riser hence you never have to worry about it breaking down.
  • It has a draw length of 60’’ allowing very stable shooting.
  • With the Martin Jaguar Takedown, it is easy to upgrade without really buying a new bow.
  • Has a low vibration level for a more accurate arrow flight.
  • The riser and limbs are fairly easy to tune allowing you to shoot with consistency.


  1. Excellent grip allowing you to feel comfortable when shooting.
  2. The riser is made of magnesium and aluminum making it light-weight yet durable.
  3. It is budget-friendly.
  4. The ease with which one can alter the draw length and bow length saves you the cost of investing in an entirely new bow.
  5. It is portable


The ease of portability compromises on the bow’s efficiency.

The Martin Jaguar Take-down is clearly the best recurve bow for beginners to purchase if working on a budget. It’s a pretty small price to pay for its quality, excellent grip, comfort and accuracy.


PSE Mustang Recurve Bow Right Hand

PSE Mustang Recurve Bow Right Hand

The PSE Mustang is ideal for hunting having a draw weight of 40-55lbs. This 60” bow has a classic yet very elegant look. It allows a bit of the old school performance while incorporating some modern styles. Whether target practicing, hunting for a deer, fish or rabbit, the PSE Mustang recurve is perfect for both remote area and fly-in hunts. Being a traditional bow, the PSE Mustang shoots extremely fast within short ranges of twenty to forty yards. The power of the bow can be felt as you draw and the vibration when you release the arrow. It can hit just about anything in front. I have to mention the package comes with only the bow itself and you therefore have to attach the limbs, riser and string in position. It only takes 8- 10 minutes.


  • The bow accepts accessories as it has pre-drilled holes for attaching the stabilizer as well as bow sights. While it is okay to add the bow sights, recurve bows can perform exceptionally well without them. This is because; the sights oblige you to focus on one spot with no regard to what is happening around you. This is not advisable for a hunter as he should be conscious of his surrounding environment.
  • The PSE Mustang recurve uses fiberglass and carbon arrows.
  • It is sturdy and durable. You can use for as long as two years and it will still be as good as new.
  • The bow is pretty light (3lbs) for mid-range bows hence the best for hunting as you can easily maneuver the woods carrying it.


  1. The PSE Mustang is known for its great design and outstanding quality.
  2. It is fairly sturdy for a hunting excursion.
  3. It has very attractive colors and finish.
  4. Allows great accuracy for experienced archers.
  5. It is durable.


  1. The PSE Mustang makes a lot of noise.
  2. It is not suitable for beginners or tall shooters.

Clearly, this is the best bow for experienced hunters. Its speed, accuracy and sturdiness compensate for every dime spent on this mid-range bow.


PSE Blackhawk recurve Bow

PSE Blackhawk recurve Bow

The bow comes to satisfy your urge for some old school adventure. This one-piece laminated hardwood is 60” long and is available in 35-50# draw weight with 5# increments. Unfortunately, the package does not come with a stringer so you’ll need to spend a few more bucks to buy one. A bow stringer also comes in handy. For archers who do not like shooting off the shelf, here’s some good news-the bow comes with an arrow rest. The bow sure does make a fine piece of art with the entire bow and the riser being made of pure hardwood beautifully laminated to give it a shiny old-school feel. This three-pound bow may be ideal for advanced archers but a little bit tasking for beginners.


  • The bow has one-piece construction thus easy to transfer energy from the limbs to the string to the arrow resulting into a smooth, vibration free draw.
  • The Blackhawk is resilient to temperature changes and extremely quiet so that your target is not scared away by any flimsy noise.


  1. It’s very quiet since it causes no vibrations.
  2. The Blackhawk is long lasting and resistant to limb twisting.
  3. Its accuracy overlooks any stances made by beginners.
  4. It is fairly priced.
  5. It easily transfers energy from the limbs to the arrow ensuring accuracy.


  1. Since it is not a take-down bow, storage and transportation may be a bit of a nag.

Take-downs are also easy to repair as you only need to replace the broken part. This is not the case with the PSE Blackhawk as you need to send the whole bow for repair once broken.

They say real men don’t need comes. It is evident from this traditional PSE Blackhawk recurve bow as it will not only have you tickle your old-school urge but also have some great fun with your old buddies. So the next time you and your old buddies hit the road for camping in the woods, carry the Blackhawk bow. You may just make a good kill for dinner around a bonfire telling some good old memories.


Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

This is the starter bow. The price is great and offers top notch features. If you are relatively new to archery then the Samick Sage is ideal for you. It has no arrow rest but depending on your preference you have the option to order a Bear Hair Rest with Plate or Bear Weatherest Left/Right hand. It is cut on center shelf for shooting and it is radiused. The rest and plate are sold separately. The Sage has a combination of Hard Maple and Olive Dymondwood which are all very durable and flexible when held in the hand. The balance is superb. This recurve bow has front stabilizer installed (made of brass bushings), an ATA accessory and a plunger. You can however opt to install bow fishing reels, bow sights and elevated rest to customize it more. The features are what every hunter needs for a perfect hunting experience.


  • Has limbs made of maple for strength
  • Comes with Dacron Endless loop
  • Has a brace height recommendation of 7½” to 8½”
  • Has a 62 inch length


  1. It gives you value for your money
  2. Its length makes it very stable
  3. Has reinforced limbs which can be used with modern strings
  4. It can be drawn to any length
  5. You can easily exchange the limbs
  6. Has simple features which makes it one of the easiest bows to use


  1. You will have to get your own bow string separately
  2. Has no arrow rest

This bow is flexible. When your bow limbs get weaker you can always make upgrades to different models. Pros can make the best of this bow. The Samick Sage Takedown is also one of the quietest bows since it has a rubber washer between limb and a riser. You will now get vibrations at all as you make your shots.


Buffalo Hunting Bow and Arrow Handmade

Buffalo Hunting Bow and Arrow Handmade

The bow is literally what many people expect. Its unique design certainly stands out but there is more than what meets the eye. The craftsmanship used in the making of this bow is amazing. It is easy strings, strong, shoots fast and guarantees a good archer some accuracy. Besides, the more you shoot with this bow the better you become. The efficiency of this bow is largely reliant on one’s strength, aim and target. Because of its good design it is one of the few bows that you can hang on your wall and make your living room look impressive.


  • It has a draw length of 29.5 inches – 31.5 inches/ 75 cm – 80 cm
  • Has a draw weight of 30 lbs – 65 lbs
  • Comes with one recurve arrow rest and two target papers.
  • It is able to fit different kinds of archery arrows and so not restrictive to specific arrow types.


  1. It has a high quality of recurve for the best targeting and shooting.
  2. The red cobra snakeskin cover makes it stand out from the usual recurve bows
  3. Has great balance and is very durable.
  4. The bow is purely and made and so chromatism is reduced.


  1. I doesn’t come with any assembly instructions
  2. It is made in China and a lot about the bow might be elusive to those who don’t understand Chinese.

The Buffalo Hunting bow is finely hand crafted. It has a traditional look and a simple design. You can easily switch it from left to right hand shooting. With a nice draw and good shooting power you can shoot straight with consistent groupings from 30 feet.


Spirit 62'' Take Down Recurve Bow

Spirit 62'' Take Down Recurve Bow


This is an economical piece of bow arrow which is ideal for kids in order to have excellent fun with friends and family. It is a balanced product with excellent features and specifications with limitations small enough to be ignored.


This one comes with a very sturdy fiberglass limb so breaking it accidentally is out of the question. Maple laminations are used in its manufacturing, which further endorses the quality. The total length of this bow is 62 inches to be precise. It is apt for a shooter having a height of 5 feet 7 inches at least. This one can only be used by a right handed person.


  • This bow is for limited use as its design only permits a right handed to use it. So, if you are a left handed, this bow will be of no use for you.
  • The package does only have a bow. The bow arrows and the arrow rest need to be purchased separately.
  • The maximum height limit is a bit limited which raises certain concerns in the mind of the growing kids when buying this bow.


  • It is a very sturdy material made from fiberglass which will not break easily. The flexibility in the bow is excellent and you can bend it without any fear of breaking.
  • The maple lamination is used for its manufacturing ,which gives it an eye-catching finish.
  • It is a safe piece of bow for the kids and for the entire family fun with no such issues of safety and injury vulnerability.


Give this bow arrow a chance and surely it will further enhance your shooting experience with your friends and families in the backyard. It is a fantastic quality product which is known to entertain and last for long.



Mongolian Handmade Horsebow Youth/Kit Takedown Recurve Bow

Mongolian Handmade Horsebow Youth/Kit Takedown Recurve Bow


If you are looking for a quality bow then look no further as this one is just what will make youth fully satisfied with their needs. The unique design and the sturdiness would surely prompt you to rate it over the other types of bows available in the market from different vendors.


This one is capable of drawing weigh in the range of 12 to 24 lbs. You can get the perfect weight that suits your needs within the given range. The manufacturer offers the product with total 100 percent product satisfaction guarantee. The right handeds can only use it and the best part of this bow is its unique and new style which will bring better usability for the shooters.


  • This bow is only apt for the right handed which is a kind of serious limitation.
  • There are a few customers with the complaints that it is fragile with lesser flexibility and it could break easily too.
  • The leather used in the making looks totally fake and of cheap quality.


  • The maximum bow weight available now with the manufacturer is of 40 lbs which is something serious and for the serious shooters as well.
  • This bow will give you outstanding value for money. The functional qualities of this piece of shooting equipment is just par excellence.
  • The manufacturer offers this bow arrow with 100 percent satisfaction guarantee so you will always be on the safer side when investing your money over this bow.


The right hand shooters will find it totally a gem of a piece while the left handed need to look elsewhere. The strong points it has are its ease in using, functionality and the amazingly unique design. The sturdiness at times can be questionable which is the only main concern for the potential buyer.


Martin Archery Panther Take Down Bow

Martin Archery Panther Take Down Bow


The Martin Archery manufacturer has always mesmerized the professional archers with some really productive and excellent bow designs. This panther takedown bow is no exception which has truly lied up to the expectations of many users who have already used this equipment in the past.


This takedown bow comes with a machined riser which altogether takes the experience of archery for the professional archers to the next level. This one comes with a 7 inch brace height which is good enough for any adult to adjust up very well. The weight of the equipment is 2.7 pounds only and the AMO string length is 62 inches. The riser which is the main part of the equipment is stuffed the Vibration Vortex VEMS which makes you aim your target very easily.


  • The arrow rest is of cheap quality.
  • The rubber pad is there on the archer which really doesn’t allow you to shoot off the bow.
  • The price of this equipment is seriously on the higher side.


  • Any bow could only be productive if it provides the archer with the right balance while shooting. You will be pleased to know that this takedown bow comes with a patented vibration vortex VEMS which nicely counters the right balance issue.
  • It has a string of 62 inches in length and yet it weighs just 2.7 pounds. The construction is sturdy too, which altogether tells you about the overall quality, performance and effectiveness of this archer.
  • You can disassemble it any time, which makes it storage and portability very easy.



PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit, Camo

PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit, Camo


If you are looking for an economical bow with a decent level of quality then this PSE Kingfisher bowfishing kit is right for you. It is a very popular type among the learners and kids archers too. A lot of things and useful features would truly mesmerize you about the product which we will find out in the next section.


This product is suitable only for the right handed as it is designed in such a way. The Camo finish for all seasons gives it a finishing touch par excellence. The bow kit, is not only for the beginners or the learners but the professional archers too would find it to be very useful. It could be said because of the reason that this archer is available in the bow weights of 40, 45 and 50 pounds. It has a fiberglass arrow of 31 inches, which means some serious business with lots of quality.


  • Sturdiness is an issue where some people have experienced breaking of the unit within a few hours of using it.
  • This bowfishing kit is found to be a bit too heavy and noisy as well at the same time, which is a serious concern for many users.
  • It is an economical package and various things are included such as the bow strings, riser, fishing spool, arrow rest, string and the two limbs.


  • It has an excellent finish with very sharp looks.
  • It is economical and budget would never be a problem for any prospective buyer.
  • It is flexible and open to do a variety of modifications that you would like to have in your archery kit.


This fishing bow kit is economical and has a lot of useful functions. The sturdiness is a bit of an issue, but you will find almost everything that you would like to have in a complete bowfishing kit.

Archery Concept for Beginner

Types of Bows

There are a variety of bows on the market for those interested in archery to choose from and the need of the archer is a huge part of the selection process. This section will show those interested a brief breakdown of the differences and uses of each bow in question.

  • Recurve

Used throughout history by horsemen and in the Olympics, the recurve bow is named for its distinctive shape. Now it is the most often used to teach archery and for use by the beginner.

  • Crossbow

The crossbow has a crank mechanism that is said to of originated in China. It requires a heavier draw weight but allows the arrow to sit until fired by the mechanism.

  • Longbow

Known for use on the battlefield since 1298, the long bow is known for its simplicity. Generally, the bow is the height of the archer. It is a challenge for the archer as it has no sights or arrow rests.

  • Compound bow

Came to be in the 1960’s, the compound bow uses cables and pulleys to make an easier time for the archer overall. Enables the archer a longer timeframe in which to aim without fatigue.


Archery Gear

  • Finger Tabs and Gloves: The average archer uses a finger tab over the glove as it is easy for them to have the controls required, however, either is an acceptable option as long as one is used. Those using the recurve bow favor those tabs or gloves made of leather. Once you get your finger tab start to use it without a break in period or method is often the most recommended for those that are not highly skilled or coaches. However, the higher the skill set or those that are tournament focused will want to break in the leather in the same manner one would break in a baseball glove.
  • Bracer: The bracer is a crucial accessory in that it prevents the string from snapping the archers arms in the event of error or improper draw length.
  • Bow Stringer: In the case of the recurve bow it is generally frown upon to not use a bow stringer when stringing the bow. The reasoning for this is that you risk damaging the bow when not is not used as it is not the easiest of tasks to complete.
  • Arrows: The selection of arrows tends to be user’s choice more so that a set selection recommendation. As the archer’s skill level increases this is more thought of and considered than in the beginning stages. Often once advancing the skillset the arrows are custom designed and crafted.
  • Quiver: A quiver is an arrow holder. There are three standard varieties to select between. They are the ground, the belt, or the holster.
  • Chest Guards: The chest guards have two primary functions. The first is to protect the archer wearing loose clothing or cold weather items as it prevents the clothing from getting into the drawstring. The second function is to protect the chest of the female archer. It prevents the formation of a breast lump that is often confused with the cancer like lumps and can only be distinguished by having medical professionals preform a biopsy.
  • Slings: The sling is a safety strap that one might select to use to prevent the bow from falling to the ground. It also is a guide item to help to ensure the proper relaxed state is achieved when taking the shot.
  • Arrow Rest: The arrow rest is what the arrow sits upon while preparing to draw and fire.
  • Sight: The sight is an aid that is added to the bow to help one line up the target and aim. Most recurve bow do not come equipped with a sight but often has the location for one premade.

Bow Assembly

It is recommended that one disassemble the bow after each use.

Draw Length

When it comes to the bow draw length the more people you ask for assistance or guidance the more varying answers that will be received. The perfect draw length is the length that the user is most comfortable using and that is the most accurate when used. The charts and expert recommendations are a good guide as to where to begin your trials.

The most standard or typical way in which to get a general idea as to the draw length is by measuring one’s arm span and then dividing that number by 2.5. This measurement can be altered, changed, or fine-tuned as the person’s skill level increases.

Draw Weight

The mid-range point for the average recurve bow is 28 pounds with the standards bows weighing around 24 -30 pounds. In archery a person’s arm length also helps determine the draw weight. The shorter the arm length the shorter the archer will be pulling back in the bow and thus the lower the poundage. The general rule is plus or minus 2 pounds over or under the standard 28 pounds. The draw weight can be adjusted as the skill level increases or in the case of non-targeting forms of archery discussed previously such as hunting. Do not begin with too high a draw weight as one can injure themselves easily.

Arrow Length

When selecting arrows, the proper length in which to look for at the time of purchase is usually no less than one inch longer than one’s draw length. Using an arrow that is too short is very dangerous for the archer’s personal safety. When in doubt or unsure please check with a professional or an expert prior to purchase. Those that are new or novice to archery are recommended to use the normal full length arrow that measures 32 inches in length.

Bow Length

One’s bow length and draw length for almost all cases are a matched pairing. This is primarily due to the fact that the limbs of the bow are designed with a specific draw length figured into them for the best shot, smoothest feel, best efficiency and the quickest arrow speed overall. If your length is too short you take the risk of damaging the bow as you will need to bend it too much. If your length is too long you the limbs will not be flexed enough. Again if you are in need of help or guidance please seek assistance from an expert.

Archery apps

Apps are part of the latest in the lines of technical advances to help us gain new areas of skill and knowledge and it is no surprise that archery has also joined the bandwagon. There are numerous offerings available for the archer and coaches alike. Some of the most talked about apps available are as follows.

  • World Archery
  • Coaches’ Eye
  • iShoot3D
  • Archery Pal
  • Archery Tournament
  • APPtitune
  • KSL Pocket Coach
  • ArcherZUpshot

Archery techniques

The number one archery technique that one needs to learn is consistency. Of course, consistency is gained by practice and with practice, one can easily perfect any technique that they attempt.

Archery exercises

Ensuring one is able to enjoy an activity without fear of harm to self or body parts is the key to anyone who is into sport-like events and recreation. Archery and archers is a perfect example of one of those sport-like pastimes. The following are exercises that have been found to be most helpful for those about to partake in archery events or practices.

  • Warm-ups: The first part of preparing to shoot should always be the warm up. A couple of minutes of vigorous activity to raise the pulse rate is all that is required and can be done in a number of ways such as running, skipping, jogging, or even jumping jacks.
  • The Hug: The hug is accomplished by wrapping your arms around yourself and holding onto your shoulder first with the right hand then repeated using your left hand. Hold the position of each hand for a count of eight.
  • The Shrug: The shrug is done by simply performing a shrug raising your shoulder as high as you are able. Hold for a count of 2. Relax for a count of 4. Repeat this motion and the counts 4-6 times.
  • Horizontal Shoulder Stretch: Begin with the left arm in a horizontal position, then bring the left palm over the right shoulder. Pull the left elbow forward using the right hand. Hold this position for a count of 8. Repeat for the other arm.
  • Vertical Shoulder Stretch: Begin by placing your left hand between your shoulder blades and raise your left arm up. Pull the left elbow with the right hand and hold for a count of 8. Repeat for the other arm.
  • Arm Circles: With arms in a vertical position swing both arms in a large circle motion of the same direction. Repeat but swing one arm one direction and one arm in the opposite. Repeat but swap arms and arm directions.
  • Basic fitness: For the archer good basic health is a great place to begin. Pushups are good for building upper body strength. To improve cardiovascular areas, think of simple walking, jogging or even cycling.
  • Positive Self-talk: preparing and enhancing your mental state is also key to the archer. Removing negative words from the vocabulary is a great starting place. Replace the negative words with positive words will show most effective not only in the archers shooting but in daily life as well.

Safety and Appearances

The following are items to keep in mind as to the archer’s safe approach towards appearance and worn items. Most venues or coaches have a standard listing in which they utilize so be sure to check for specifics.

  • Shoes: Shoes should be flat bottomed, closed toe, closed heel varieties. No sandals, thong style, heels, or bare feet should be on the field or in the general archer shooting areas, this includes the practicing areas or anywhere arrows will be moving.
  • Clothing: Clothing should be on the snug side in the arm and chest area to ensure they do not become tangled into the bowstring. An optional chest plate can be worn to help in this area as well.
  • Hair: Long hair should always be tied back in a secure fashion to prevent entanglement.
  • Jewelry: Jewelry such as long earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings, watches, and the like should be removed prior to beginning to prepare to archer formations, practice, or entering the archery area.
  • Pockets: Pockets should be emptied for the archer’s safety to also prevent injury or entanglement.
  • Drawing: Never draw one’s bow unless on the shooting line, with an arrow in place, while facing the target, with no one in the path of the target. To draw the bow without an arrow risks damage to the bow and injury to the archer.
  • Aiming: Never aim a bow at any person, at any time, for any reason.
  • Spectators: Those who are in the role of spectator, including those not yet called to the shooting line, should be kept a clear and safe distance away from the shooting line at all times. Archers should wait until they are called to the line to step up.
  • Talk: Talk and chatter should be kept to the most minimum of levels to ensure the archers have the ability to hear what is being said at the shooting line.
  • Under the Influence: It is never acceptable to attempt any form, level, or type of archery when under the influence of any drug or alcohol unless the drug in question is medically deemed a necessity and medical clearance has been received in advance.
  • Waxing: Make sure to inspect that the bow string is properly waxed. A string that has a fuzzy like appearance is in need of waxing. Always use the recommended wax for the string type and variety in use.

Basic Archery Steps

There are ten basic steps in archery. The ten steps will ensure you have the best form possible for shooting.

Archers that are in a wheelchair will also follow these same basic archery steps with one exception. At step one (the Stance) the wheels of the wheel chair will straddle the shooting line.

  1. Stance: The basic archery stance is performed by placing one foot on each side of the shooting line. Right handers will have the left foot forward. Left handers will have the right foot forward. Feet spacing to match ones’ shoulder width. Make sure to not lock the knees.

There are four primary stances that are utilized. They are as follows.

  • The even or square stance
  • The close stance
  • The open stance
  • The oblique stance
  1. Nocking the Arrow: Begin by placing the arrow onto the arrow rest. Once the arrow is properly aligned or orientated, slide the arrow onto the bowstring.
  1. Set: Grip the bow just below the thumb so that it is in the meaty part of one’s hand. Thumb should be placed aiming at the target once in a raised position. Fold other relaxed fingers. The bow hand must stay in place and relaxed throughout the entire process.
  1. Set-up: Once the bow hand is in the proper positioning hook ones fingers around the bow string. Rotate the elbow of the bow arm in a vertical motion while extending the arm forward. The key here is to make sure the shoulder of the bow arm remains lowered. The bowstring hand should be in line with one’s nose level.
  1. Draw and Load: Pulling back on the bowstring, or drawing, towards the face in a straight line. The bowstring hand should be just above nose level with the index finger near the corner of one’s mouth. To move into load position, rotate the bowstring shoulder back lowering it as much as possible. Drawing arm should move placing the elbow hirer than one’s arrow.
  1. Anchor: Continue to draw the bowstring back until the index finger tip can touch the corner of one’s mouth. Make sure the thumb is tucked relaxed into and facing the palm of the hand. Keeping fingers relaxed also fold the pinky finger in towards the palm. The hand should now press snuggly against the side of the face. While holding the full draw weight make sure to remain solidly anchored.
  1. Transfer and Hold: Now transfer the bow weight from the arms into the back by slightly rotating the upper body. Make sure that the elbow of the drawing arm is behind the arrow. Maintain this position using the back muscles while keeping the drawing hand and forearm relaxed.
  1. Aim and Expand: From the held position begin to aim. Pause. Re-focus. Make sure your weight is evenly and equally distributed. Make sure that you grip is still relaxed with the bowstring lined up with the bow limbs center.
  1. Release: Keeping the shoulder in a stationary like position, take a deep breath, then as smoothly as possible release. The smoother the release the better the arrow will travel and the better the body will feel.
  1. Follow-Through: Once committed to release keep the fingers relaxed on the drawing hand. Still using the back muscles, the drawing hand should keep moving straight back stopping slightly behind and below the ear. The bow should still be being held up the bow arm until the arrow has hit the target then lower the arms and relax.


The following video show multiple angles of the proper basic ten archery steps using a recurve bow by one of the world’s best archers in hopes of simplifying the above steps.

Archery Tips

  • The best way to have the greatest success with archery is to keep it fun. Not getting all stressed is the best way for you to enjoy archery for a lifetime.
  • Do not over think things. Good or bad it is what it is and you have done what you have done. You cannot change the outcome that has already come to pass. Let it go and move on is the best way to enjoy your bow.
  • Do not over stress any one area that might not be going the best. Everyone regardless the skill level will have good and bad days. Stressing any one area is a good way to have future errors in the same manner.
  • There is not any one app available to make your perfect nor is anyone ever going to become perfect. Relaxing and trying to keep yourself focused is the best that anyone can do.
  • Having a winner’s outlook and attitude is a great way to do well. Positive mental projection is one of the best tips for any activity.
  • Focus on yourself and your performance only. Ensure that all your personal needs are being met and achieved. Doing anything less is harmful to oneself and achieves no greater good.
  • Practice makes perfect or at least gives one the confidence to have the most perfect a day possible regardless is preparing for an event or practicing for fun and social gathering.
  • Know when to say when. Some days are just not going to be an archery day, just as some days are just across the board bad hair days, for example. Pushing oneself will be harmful to oneself and does no one any good.
  • Archery is for anyone and that is a good thing to remind oneself. Work on positive mental imagery and mental focus as the key to success. By having a good and positive mental focus and imagery you will be able to do a better job more successful job hitting the desire bullseye.
  • Above all else keep archery fun. The more fun one has with a skill or task the more often they will want to do it. The more it is done the better one will be.

Tournament Tips

  • Do the homework: Many venues, locals, and groups have different rules and distances being used and utilized. When signing up be sure to read the fine print or ask the proper questions. Many groups have a dress code that they follow. Whereas, some groups are super laid back and often have little in the way of rules or expectations.

The key to always remember is that no two events are ran or held in the same manner. When in doubt ask. There are no dumb or stupid questions except for the ones that do not get asked. On the day of the event it is ultimately up to you to make sure that you have made yourself event ready in all required ways.

  • Practice as a mock: The recommendation for practicing is to have a mock or trial event. Wear and use the gear, clothing, and even shoes that you will have at the event. Clothing and shoes will often make a difference to many in the way they stand, their stance, and overall mental outlooks even.

Practicing in the items using at the event will help ease one into the tournament, especially if it is the first one. Bows feel differently from one another and may aim slightly different, for example, so it would make the most logical sense to practice with the bow that you will be using.

  • Pack smart: Packing smart often includes making sure that you have drinks and snacks that you like or prefer. Many venues and locals may not offer them or may only offer limited options that require separate payment. Don’t forget to pack water and hydrating snacks.
  • Labels are a good thing: Labels are great for many reasons. They can help ensure that no one has changed or tampered with your gear, if anything has moved or changed while transporting, a great way to know for sure they are your items if near another person’s gear, as well as a great way to remind yourself to do an inspection prior to the event.

Often these marks can also be reminders for sight setting and arrow nook spots. If it is moveable or adjustable it is recommended to be marked or labeled.

  • Trips and times: Confirm and verify the trip and times of the event in advance on the event. Often times GPS is used to arrive at various places and has been known to not always be the most accurate. Always have a backup means of locating the event in the case of no signal, dead batteries, or even road detours.

When confirming the time plan to arrive a minimum of one hour prior to the required time. This gives you time to locate things such as the bathrooms, the area in which you are to report, and just time to calm the nerves.

  • Matched Sets: The typical tournament will require that if one is using their own arrows that the be a matched set. Make sure to include a few extras in the kit you bring along as a precaution to maintain the matched set. Another great arrow tip is to number the arrows so that in the event you need to trade one out it is easier to do so.
  • Other goodies to consider: Other goodies to consider making sure not to forget for a tournament are things such as folding chairs, a book or portable time killing device, extra snacks and drinks, a blanket, a clean change of clothing, or even a music like device.

Many of the items suggested are to make the time between your participation pass by more quickly as no one waits well with nothing to entertain their downtime. The blanket and chairs are a seating suggestion should there be limited or no seating options available upon arrival at the venue.

Depending on the site, weather conditions, and clothing requirements for the tournament the change of clothes is an easy to image useful tip. The extra drinks and snacks are a great option to share with those that might be in need around you. Who knows when having a little extra to offer or utilize might be needed and are always welcomed by others who lack great preparation tips.


In conclusion,, is your one-stop destination for all things archery and bows. Recurve bows are and continue to be the top listings for this site as we are masters and coaches of the recurve bow. As masters and coaches, we are able to aide and assist with any and all questions that you might have today or in the future on recurve bows or any and all ascpects of archery.


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